Calendar of Events

Come revel and make merry with the Boston Beanstalks!

Check the NEATO club list for nearby tall clubs and the TCI weekends page for major events throughout the United States and Canada.

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BBTC-Sponsored Event: Open to the General Public BBTC-sponsored event: open to the general public
BBTC-Sponsored Private Event: Open to Members, Registered Prospects and Guests BBTC-sponsored private event: open to members, registered prospects and guests. Details withheld for privacy or logistical reasons. You can learn about these events by clicking here or by calling 617-HUB-TALL. This will get you a two month prospective membership, which includes issues of The Bean Pod (Tall Clubs International Best Paper 2004, 1995 and Finalist 2007, 1999) and all the details on all events!
Event sponsored by or for the Benefit of other TCI Clubs Event sponsored by or for the benefit of other TCI clubs

Some Tips for Prospective Members

The events cited above comprise only a subset of the events that are available to regular and prospective members. Usually, 2 or 3 activities are planned in the local area per week! When you are a member of the Boston Beanstalks, you are also automatically a member of Tall Clubs International, which gives you the opportunity to participate in tall club events throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. To get the full scoop on all Beanstalk events, click here in order to receive a 2-month introductory subscription to The Bean Pod newsletter free of charge.

The Riverbend Lounge at the Marriott Hotel in Newton and our dances - these are the events that exhibit the largest turnouts and are a great way to get acquainted with numerous members and other prospects. The Marriott event occurs on the first Friday of every month and is consistently well-attended.

Beanstalks understand that attending a function or meeting a new group of people can be intimidating, but we’ve all gone through it, and therefore are eager to facilitate the introduction of new tall people to our friendly club! If you are hesitant to try out an event because you prefer not to brave it alone, please let us know. You can always bring a friend (irrespective of height) or we can arrange to have someone call you, meet you at a predefined place, or even car-pool - we are happy to accommodate. There are a lot of members that live in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, so distance need not pose an obstacle.

Being a Boston Beanstalk is really a lot of fun, and we genuinely want to find a way to convey that to our new and prospective members. The most important thing is to relax, enjoy yourself, and bask in the warmth and friendship that this diverse, easy-going club offers to all members.

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